VisiTouch 19 MX

The VisiTouch 19 MX is a 3D graphical numerical control for CNC press brakes. It aims at making the operator’s work easier even for demanding programming and setting-up tasks. For instance, CAD parts can directly and easily be imported into the VisiTouch MX control or into the MX offline software.

The elegant and recognizable design and interface let the operator exploit the full range of features with his fingertips. Importing programming, visualizing and simulating the bending of a part, all in 3D on the large 19” screen become quick, easy and efficient. Behind the stage, the VisiTouch MX is a powerful numerical control that can be adapted to standard press-brakes up to the most sophisticated models controlling any number of axes.

WIth its capacity to manage complex features such as bending aids or slaves axes combined with a wide range of parameters allowing a complete use of the press brake performances and set up wizard, the VisiTouch 19 MX will give the press brake the decisive competitive edge.

Main features for the user
  • 19” modern streamlined glass surface touch screen that can be used with gloves.
  • User friendly HMI, similar to the CybTouch’s one, thanks to an intuitive programming and dedicated set-up wizards (auto-tuning).
  • Full 3D visualization and simulation.
  • Parts management with DXF flat pattern and 3D format files import.
  • Automatic solutions of complex parts, automatic bend sequencing, gauging, tooling and auto segmentation.
  • Running under Windows 10 for multi-tasking and networking
  • Internal backup and restore functions.
  • Outstanding diagnostic tools.
Main features for the OEM
  • All kinematics available for X, Xrelatives, Xslave, R, Rslave, and Z axes. For back and front multiples gauges.
  • All bending aid kinematics available. Back and front multiples sets.
  • Axis control through CANOpen with wide configuration capabilities.
  • Customizable User buttons for the machine operator.
  • Open system allowing customization (User Cycles and Plug-in software modules)
  • VisiTouch offline software
  • VisiTouch MX offline software
  • Bending aids and sheet support
  • Automatic angle measurement
  • Tandem management
  • Robot communication and control
  • Industry 4.0 data management