Nut Insert Machine

Amtronics (Aust) Pty Ltd provides nut insert machines for presswork in engineering or other industrial manufacturing plants.

Hydraulic Assembly Press LSC 6010
·  The hydraulic assembly press serves for pressing nuts, screws and columns into thin metal sheets.
·  The machine can be also used for embossing of various shapes, making necks, for simple bends and for joining of materials using the clinching/metal joining method.
·  The press is controlled by a footswitch and its safety equipment operates on the basis of material conductivity in the metal/plastic mode.
·  Made in Europe
Advantages of the Nut Insert Machine

– Precise press force is set-up for each assembly operation
– Automated pressing cycle
– Combined electronic and mechanical safety system
– Programmable computer control unit

Technical Description

The main part of the nut insert machine constitutes of a rigid „C“ frame, and the control panel is located on the right side of this frame. The machine platform is constituted by a compact base, in which we can find hydraulic aggregate and a tool storage compartment. Since the computer unit is programmable, it is possible to achieve continuous control of the pressure. The assembly press is operated by the footswitch. The machine is monitored by sensors, which protects the operator from accidents caused by pressing tools. The hydraulic assembly machine LSC 6010 fulfils the high demands of the machine operator’s safety.

Technical Attributes

Machine type
LSC 6010
Dimensions (mm)
1950 x 725 x 1040
208 kg
Maximum pressing force
60 000 N
Maximum distance of press element from border of the part
420 mm
200 mm
Oil specification
Hydraulic oil
16 l
3/N/PE AC 400/230 V
50 Hz
max 4,0 A
1500 W
Working cycle duration
from 2,5 to 5,2 s (according upstroke)
Acoustic noise level
75 DB