Tool Grinders

Amtronics (Aust) Pty Ltd sells punch tool grinders used for sharpening and grinding of the punching tools and dies:

Semi-automatic Punch Tool Grinder

Tool Grinder PNB-2E

·  Tool Grinder PNB-2E is used for sharpening and grinding of the punching tools and dies of TRUMPF, AMADA, FINN-POWER sheet metal processing machines.

punch_tool_grinder_2_rounded·  The tool grinder is suitable for companies active in sheet metal processing, which has punching machines and do not have their own tool shop with grinders. Thanks to high accuracy of grinding, it is possible to extend tool lifespan up to two times of standard lifespan, provided that tools are sharpened as soon as signs of blunting appear.

·  Made in Europe

punch_tool_grinder_3_roundedAdvantages of the Punch Tool Grinder

·  Simple operation

·  Grinding accuracy in tolerance of 0,01 mm

·  Tool lifespan extension

·  High quality of grinded surface

·  Low operation cost

·  Small dimensions

·   Reduction of operator time

Technical Description

Grinding of the tools is made by special abrasive disc with internal cooling. Cooling liquid prevents overheat of grinded tools, removes mechanical elements rising from the grinding and increases quality of grinded surfaces. Complete set of fixing tools for all standard punching tools and dies is provided with machine.For all types of punching tools it is possible to grind scarf from 0-8 degrees.

Machine Operation

The tool grinder PNB-2E was designed as semi-automatic machine, where the operator is responsible for the right insertion of the tools, descending of the tool to the abrasive disc and setting up material removal of grinded surface.

Process of sharpening is fully controlled by the machine and it is performed in

several repeating cycles of grinding according to material removal set-up. At the end of the grinding process is the tool moved of the abrasive disc and machine is ready for new grinding.

Hand Grinder