RSF Linear Encoders

RSF Linear Encoders

Amtronics (Aust) Pty Ltd sells high quality encoders for all kinds of applications:

Digital Readouts

digital_readoutsA complete system consists of one or more Linear Encoders, commonly referred to as scales, and a Digital Readout.
The Linear Encoder monitors the machine travel and the Digital Readout (DRO) displays the distance moved or machine table position to the operator.
The axis display is large and clear and the keyboard is designed to be easy to use.
Many functions can be taken off the keyboard to support the work at the machine.
Depending on application you can choose between different versions of the readout.

Open Linear Encoders

ms30_b1w_0204The non-contact open measuring systems are for high displacement velocities and high accuracies,
commonly used in clean environments.
Non-contact open encoders rely on the air gap between the encoder head and scale to be uniform over the measuring range. The flatness of the mounting surface and the parallelism of the machine guideway is important.
Depending on the version of the measuring system, two different measuring scales are available:
glass (partially ROBAX glassceramic) or steel .

  • MS 20 Series
  • MS 30 Series
  • MS 40 Series
  • MS 80
  • TDE 60
  • MSG 10
  • LIA Series
  • LIK Series
  • KIT L Series
  • LIK 2D

Enclosed Linear Encoders
The enclosed models are best suited for harsh environments. The sealing lips on the extrusion keep out coolants and contamination. For applications where the Linear Encoders are used in very harsh environments, there are methods of extra protection (IP 64) beyond the enclosed unit´s standard set of sealing lips.

  • MSA 170, MSA 00x
  • MSA 6xx
  • MSA 3xx


DIT 10
DIT 30
DIT 48
NT 12
NT 30 

MSR20Rotary Encoders

MSR 20
MSR 40
DG Ixx Series
RIK Series
KIT R Series


Subdividing Electronics ZE-xx
PG1, PG2-I, PG3-I, PG4 and PG-U
PC Interface card IFC 430R
PC USB Module UFC 430R
Epiflex Adjustment Kit

Sentop Precision Graduations

Precision graduations are probably one of the most sophisticated part of all optoelectronic systems. Linear measuring systems and rotary encoders of today are both dependable and offer high performance. We provide the electronic industry with a wide range of standard scales, discs and reticles as well as customized applications.
Master and series parts will be made in house and we have the ability to meet customers specifications and special requests.

·   Linear graduations
·    Circular graduations
·   Customised Solutions