Cybelec 3D Software

Cybelec 3D Software & Autopol

MetaBend2+3MetaBEND is a powerful offline software based on the MetaCAM technology developed by Metamation, Inc®. It is able to generate data directly for various models of Cybelec numerical controls, as listed below. MetaBEND offers a number of other powerful features, such as an auto tooler, which will select the appropriate tooling to be used according to the machine type and 3D model, thus generating a collision free bending sequence. A fully animated bend simulator with collision checks allows the operator to inspect and correct in detail the detected collisions, thanks to the graphic interface. Graphic tool layouts allow modifications to be made with ease to tooling, and bend reports provide 3D views of each bend. The back gauges can also be viewed in the 3D visualrepresentation window; changes to their positions can therefore easily be made.